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A handy protection for unforeseen threats, these special purpose bags or look alikes have been evolved for VIP/VVIP personalities like politicians, heads of state, buisnessman etc. Showing excellent workmanship these are made up of extreamly light weight, high performance ballistic material covered with good quality leather. very easy to carry and handle, these product have excellent ergonomics.


Bullet resistant Shield (Foldable)

  • Has the deceiving look of a sleek trendy bag.
  • Just a quick release of handle automatically transforms it into a “Head to Knee” Protection shield.
  • Also effective as a hitting device to ward off physical threats.


Upto NIJ Level IIIA

  • Weapons like Pistols, Sub-machine carbine, MP-5 etc.
  • Bullets like .22Cal, .380 ACP, 357 Mag, 9mm FMJ etc.


In folded form – 52 cm x 35 cm x 04 cm


3.25 Kg


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